Quick guide: How to apply?

When applying for job in Prima Creation Consultants via this online recruitment system, you will follow some steps where you provide us with some major information about yourself. By providing your key information, we can act much quicker and can give you feedback on the job which you are applying for. Here’s a short description of what happens when you apply for a job. Click “Search job" in the job description window.

Step 1

You will see a list of jobs. Select by click the checkbox on the left side on the job you apply.

  • Single application click once on the desired checkbox and proceed step 2 or

  • Multiple applications by clicking numerous of checkboxes then proceed step 2

Step 2

In the form you will require to click “Apply Now”.

Step 3

In this first section you required to fill in some information about yourself, e.g. your name, address, etc. Some fields there is a red point, meaning this field is mandatory.

Step 4

You may also need to upload your resume at the bottom of the form by clicking “Browse”. Please note that attachments cannot be larger than 3MB.

Step 5

Finally, review your application and then send it in by clicking on "Apply Now".

Step 6

Your application will reach the respective HR person responsible for this position.